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Ir-Key Suite USB it's leatest hardware dedicated to fully service Android phones. Below only few features as create original ROM, and install ROM in custom recovery, unlock and Root of all prescriptions. ( Directly and installation ), unlock pattern lock, unlock Gmail Account, unlock User lock, upgrade all partitions, upgrade all partitions in Fast boot, upgrade all partitions in HBoots, upgrade all partitions in Recovery, S-OFF


  • Change CID:
    ACCORD, ACCORD#U, ACE, BLISS, Bravo, Buzz, Calib, CHACHA, Doubleshot, DLX_WLG, ETERNITY, EVITA#UL, Express, FLYER, GOLD, GOLF#U, HOLIDAY, Iolit, Jade, K2_U/UL, Legend, Leo, Liberty, MARVEL, MOZART, M7, Deluxe_J, OMEGA, Puccini, Photon, PYRAMID, PYRAMID#LE, Rio, RUNNYMEDE, SAGA, SCHUBERT, SPARK, VILLE, Vision, VIVO
  • Calibrate
    ACCORD, Ace, Blackston, Bliss, Bravo, Buzz, Captain, Chacha, Click, Clio, Diamond, Elf, Endeavorc2, EndeavorU, Eternity, EvitaUL, Flyer, FlyerWifi, Gold, GolfU, Holiday, Icon, Jade, K2, Kaiser, Legend, Leo, Liberty, Lolit, Marvel, Mega, Mozart, Omega, Pharos, Photon, Pico, PrimoU, ProtoU, Pyramid, PyramidLE, Raphael, Rhodium, Rio, RioU, Runnymade, Saga, Sapphire, Schubert, ShooterU, Spark, Topaz, VilleC2, VilleU, Vision, Vivo, Vox
  • S-OFF & SuperCID
    ACCORD, Ace, Blackston, Bliss, Captain, Doubleshot, DLX_WLG, Diamond, Elf, Eternity, Flyer, FlyerWifi, Jade, K2, Kaiser, Leo, Mega, Mozart, M7, Deluxe_J, lexicone, Omega, Puccini, Pyramid, PyramidLE, Raphael, Rhodium, Rio, RioU, Runnymade, Schubert, ShooterU, Spark, Topaz, Espresso, Supersonic, Speedy, Ruby, VilleU
  • Flyer, FlyerWifi, DLX_WLG, Express, K2, M7, Deluxe_J, Puccini, Pyramid, PyramidLE, Runnymade,ShooterU, Shooterk,VilleUSim
  • Network Unlock
    Doubleshot, Flyer, DLX_WLG, Express, K2, lexicone, M7, Deluxe_J, Pico, Pyramid, PyramidLE, Runnymade, Espresso, Supersonic, Speedy, Ruby, VilleU
  • Install Android on Windows Mobile phones.
    Leo, Photon, Blackston, Diamond,Kasky(k1,Topaz)
  • Unlock pattern lock - Gmail - user locked
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Upgrade all partitions In the states - Fast Boot - HBoots - recovery with the new method
    HTC Devices
  • Making Gold Card with an easy way to break even for the phones
    HTC Devices
  • Create and change animated boot. Quick and Easy
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Installing applications with different features
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Making a Rom completely independent partitions. Fully automatic
    HTC Devices
  • Construction and installation of automatic recovery.
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Making Gold Card - downgrade - Root - unlock - through the recovery menu..
    All Android HTC Devices
  • File management with complete facilities.
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Imaging in stationary and mobile.
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Install Android OS and Linux Firebird.
    Windows Mobile.
  • Pattern Lock with 3 unlocking method of recovery mode on boot.
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Root, a new way.
    All Android HTC Devices
  • Making gold card with the new method.
    HTC Devices
  • Commander added to all orders for the Android.
    All Android HTC Devices