JC PRO 1000S
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JC Pro1000 Baseband CHIP Programmer Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, Battery Tester and data Cablerecognition/detection. Pro1000 Multi-function Programmer also support fingerprint reading/re-writing and 32/64 bit PCIE Nand Flash underlying data reading/writing for iphone.

JC Pro1000 Baseband Chip Programmer Battery Tester Data Cable Detection For Iphone

Language Support: English

For iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6s 7 7p

JC Pro1000 Chip Multi-function Programmer For Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, For Iphone Battery Tester and Programmer data Cable recognition/detection.

Pro1000 Programmer Host + Optional Function Property test Fixure, with all activation APP software

Note: Optional Models need work with Pro1000 host, it can't work separatly!